Soap Bubbles
and the Forces which Mould Them

Forfatter: F. R. S., A. R. S. M., C. V. Boys

År: 1890

Serie: Romance of Science Series

Sted: London

Sider: 178

UDK: 532

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 i74 SOAP-BUBBLES, AND Bubbles and Electricity. These experiments are on the whole the most difficult to perform successfully. The following details should be sufficient to pre- vent failure. Two rings are formed at the end of a pair of wires about six inches long in the straight part. About one inch at the opposite end from the ring is turned down at a right angle. These turned-down ends rest in two holes drilled vertically in a non- conductor such as ebonite, about two or three inches apart. Then if all is right the two rings are horizontal and at the same level, and they may be moved towards or away from one another. Separate them a few inches, and blow a bubble above or below each, making them nearly the same size. Then bring the two rings nearer together until the bubbles just, and only just, rest against one another. Though they may be hammered together without joining, they will not remain long resting in this position, as the convex sur- faces can readily squeeze out the air. The