Soap Bubbles
and the Forces which Mould Them

Forfatter: F. R. S., A. R. S. M., C. V. Boys

År: 1890

Serie: Romance of Science Series

Sted: London

Sider: 178

UDK: 532

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THE FORCES WHICH MOULD THEM. 177 the bare light alone made use of. An electric arc is far preferable to a lime-light, both because the shadows are sharper, and because the colours are so much more brilliant. No oil lamp would answer, even if the light were sufficient in quantity, because the flame would be far too large to cast a sharp shadow. In these hints, which have in themselves required a rather formidable chapter, I have given all the details, so far as I am able, which a considerable experience has shown to be necessary for the successful performance of the experiments in public. The hints will I hope materially assist those who are not in the habit of carrying out experiments, but who may wish to perform them for their own satis- faction. Though people who are not ex- perimentalists may consider that the hints are overburdened with detail, it is probable that in repeating the experiments they will find here and there, in spite of all my care to provide against unforeseen difficulties, that more detail would have been desirable. Though it is unusual to conclude such a book as this with the fullest directions for M