Soap Bubbles
and the Forces which Mould Them

Forfatter: F. R. S., A. R. S. M., C. V. Boys

År: 1890

Serie: Romance of Science Series

Sted: London

Sider: 178

UDK: 532

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SOCIETY FOR PROMOTING CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE. 3 ____________________________________ NATURAL HISTORY RAMBLES. Fcap. 8w, with numerous Woodcuts, Cloth boards, 2s. 6d. each. ___ IN SEARCH OF MINERALS. By the late D. T. Ansted, M.A., F.K.S. LAKES AND RIVERS. By C.O. Groom Naher, F.G.S. LANE AND FIELD. By the late Kev.J.G.WooD.M.A. MOUNTAIN AND MOOR. By J.E. Taylok,F.L.S.,F.G.S., Editor of ‘ ‘ Science-Gossip. ” PONDS AND DITCHES. By M. C. Cooke, M.A., LL.D. THE SEA SHORE. By Professor P. Martin Dun- can, M.B. (London), F.R.S. THE WOODLANDS. By M. C. Cooke, M.A., LL.D. UNDERGROUND. By J. E. Taylor, F.L.S. ___________ NEW SERIES OF PHOTO-RELIEVO MAPS. (Patented') Size 19 in. bn 14 in. ENGLAND AND WALES—SCOTLAND.—EUROPE. Names of places and rivers left to be filled in by s. d. scholars ___________________________each o g With rivers and names of places ________ 0 9 With names of places, and county and country divisions in colours_____________________ i q ASIA. Names of places and rivers left to be filled in by scholars ___________________________ j; o g With rivers and names of places ________ „09 SOUTH LONDON. With names of places, &c. ______________ 0 g Wall Map.—ENGLAND AND WALES. (Size 56 46 in.) Mounted on canvas, roller and varnished _______________________________ 12 0 These Maps present each country as if in actual relief, and thus afford au accurate picture of the configuration of the earth’s surface- __________________________