Engineering Wonders of the World
Volume I

Forfatter: Archibald Williams

År: 1945

Serie: Engineering Wonders of the World

Forlag: Thomas Nelson and Sons

Sted: London, Edinburgh, Dublin and New York

Sider: 456

UDK: 600 eng - gl.

Volume I with 520 Illustrations, Maps and Diagrams

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TORPEDOES. 441 on a series of booms, and rest in the water with their upper edges just above the surface. The operation of “ out torpedo nets ” occupies merely a few minutes in “ smart ” ships. Russia attempted armouring her ships below the water-line, and also provided them with longitudinal armoured bulkheads ; yet there were three of them, the Kniaz Suvaroff and two sisters, sunk by the Japanese at the battle of the Sea of Japan. The flagship, named above, was struck by at least three torpedoes, and sank on the night of May 27, 1905, as a result. But, after all, the best de- fence against the torpedo is the annihilation of the craft carrying it, and we come back to the training of the man-behind-the-gun as the arbiter of naval fortunes. He, and he alone, will decide the next war, as he has those in the past, where guns or torpedoes have been in question, NAVAL DIVERS PREPARING FOR A DESCENT. {Photo, Gale and Polden.)