Engineering Wonders of the World
Volume I

Forfatter: Archibald Williams

År: 1945

Serie: Engineering Wonders of the World

Forlag: Thomas Nelson and Sons

Sted: London, Edinburgh, Dublin and New York

Sider: 456

UDK: 600 eng - gl.

Volume I with 520 Illustrations, Maps and Diagrams

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452 ENGINEERING WONDERS OF THE WORLD. smashed and sinking, drives, by her very momentum, close enough to make sure of her aim. The torpedo shoots into the water on a wave crest, twice leaps clear of the sea before finding its depth, and then dives sud- denly and hits the floating fort deep beneath the armour-belt. In a moment (and for a moment only !) all is confusion. A fountain of water hurtles up the side of the stricken ship, and as she shakes herself—resembling, it seems, some vast Newfoundland dog— her successful small foe disappears beneath the surface, riven in pieces by a hundred shells. Ahead, signal lights flash out. Astern, the hostile ships are approaching. The captain has given all necessary instructions, and learns that though the water-tight doors hold all right, three compartments are flooded, the ship has a list of eight degrees to star- board, and she is two feet down by the head. No matter, his friends will now look after his foes ; and as he drives his ship at 14 knots towards the Firth of Forth, the guns behind him tell of a night action just beginning. As he hands over the command to the navigating lieutenant, an intense weari- ness overcomes him. He has joined the flag and obeyed orders. “ Carry on, Jones,” he says ; and he goes below to change the blood- soaked bandage about his head and to take a well-earned rest. WORKING A 6-INCH QUICK-FIRING GUN. The marines are in the “ preparing to ram ” position. (Photo, Gale and Polden.)