History of the Typewriter

Forfatter: Geo. Carl Mares

År: 1909

Forlag: Guilbert Pitman

Sted: London

Sider: 318

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I — 85 — Fig. 68 was aboard the ill-fated Maine, when the luckless vessel was blown up in Havana harbour. It lay in the water for a week, and was then fished up, little the worse for its ducking, and is now among the most valued possessions of its makers—to be gazed at by future generations of young Americans, who, no doubt, will express gratitude at being the offspring of the country that gave them George Washington and the Smith Premier. The Smith Premier was invented by Alexander T. Brown, who is now the vice-president of the manufacturng company. The object of the inventor was to produce a good machine. With him, the “ curse of cheapness ” carried no weight. Moreover, he recognised that the vast majority of machines were used in offices, and that once placed in position, they were rarely moved. Hence portability, whilst not overlooked, was a secondary con- sideration. Strength and solidity, with the power to withstand the rattle and tear of long-continued usage, appealed more to him than sentimental ideals. He followed standard lines, too, so far as outward appearances go, but improved the method of carrying out his aims in every point.