A Practical Manual On Sea Water Distillation
With A Description Of The Necessary Machinery For The Process

Forfatter: Frank Normandy

År: 1909

Forlag: Charles Griffen & Co., LTD.

Sted: London

Sider: 244

UDK: 663.6

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2 I 2 SEA WATER DISTILLATION. be correctly distributed to the boxes for (B)—i.e., boiler feed; (IE)—i.e., for the first evaporator feed; and (2E) __for the second evaporator feed—and so on with as many extra boxes as there are evaporators to feed. The escape from these boxes is shown by the outlet arrows. It is convenient to have a gauge glass on each box (F) and (S) to show that the head of water is about the same in each box. 95. Pump suctions may be connected to these outlets, so that the severally regulated feed-waters may be pumped to where required, rhe distilled water, after having done its duty by regulating the total feed-water in due pro- portion to the distilled water produced, escapes, as shown by outlet arrow (F.W.), to where desired, generally to a tank, or, if desired, a pump suction pipe may be con- nected to this branch for delivery at a distance or a height above the apparatus. The fresh water enters (F) box at (D) as indicated by the arrow. It is usually supplied from filter outlet. 96. Other types of feed-water regulators can, of course, be devised, but the chief objects should be to have the