A Practical Manual On Sea Water Distillation
With A Description Of The Necessary Machinery For The Process

Forfatter: Frank Normandy

År: 1909

Forlag: Charles Griffen & Co., LTD.

Sted: London

Sider: 244

UDK: 663.6

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42 CHARLES G RI FEIN A CO.’S PUBLICATIONS. GRIFFIN’S NAUTICAL SERIES. Thikd Edition, Revised. With Numerous Illustrations. Price 3s. 6d. PRACTICAL MECHANICS: Applied to the Requirements of the Sailor. By THOS. MACKENZIE, Master Mariner, F.fi.A.S. General Contents.—Resolution and Composition of Forces— Work done by Machines and Living Agents—The Mechanical Powers: The Lever, Derricks as Bent Levers—The Wheel and Axle: Windlass; Ship’s Capstan ; Crab Winch—Tackles: the “Old Man”—The Inclined Plane; the Screw— The Centre of Gravity of a Ship and Cargo — Relative -Strength of Rope : Steel Wire, Manilla, Hemp, Coir—Derricks and Shears—Calculation of the Cross-brealting Strain of Fir Spar—Centre of Effort of Sails—Hydrostatics: the Diving-bell; Stability of Floating Bodies ; the Ship’s Pump, &c. * Well worth the money . . . will be found exceedingly helpful.”— Shipping World. “ No Ships’ Officers’ bookcase will henceforth be complete without Captain Mackenzie’s ‘ Practical Mechanics.’ Notwithstanding my many years’ experience at sea, it has told me how much more there is to acquire.”— (Letter to the Publishers from a Master Mariner). WORKS BY RICHARD C. BUCK, of the Thames Nautical Training College, H.M.S. ‘ Worcester. ’ A MANUAL OF TRIGONOMETRY: With Diagrams, Examples, and Exercises. Price 3s. 6d. Third Edition, Revised and Corrected. * #* Mr. Buck’s Text-Book has been specially prepared with a view to the Examinations of the Board of Trade, in which Trigonometry is an obligatory subject. “This eminently practical and rkliable VOLUME.’'—Schoolmaster. A MANUAL OF ALGEBRA. Designed tn meet the Requirements of Sailors and others. Second Edition, Revised, Price 3s. 6d. * ,* These elementary works on algkbka and trigonometry are written specially for those who will have little opportunity of consulting a Teacher. They are books for “sei.t- HBLP." All but the simplest explanations have, therefore, been avoided, and answers t« the Exercises are given. Any person may readily, by careful study, become master of their contents, and thus lay the foundation for a further mathematical course, If desired. It is hoped that to the younger Officers of our Mercantile Marine they will be found decidedly serviceable. The Examples and Exercises are taken from the Examination Papers set for the Oadets of the “ Worcester.” “Olearly arranged, and well got up. ... A first-rate Elementary Algebra."— Nautical Magazine. Second Edition, Revised. With Diagrams. Price 2s. LATITUDE AND LONGITUDE: How to Find them. By W. J. MILLAR, C.E., Late Secretary to the Inst, of Engineers and Shipbuilders in Scotland. “ Concisely and clearly written . . . cannot but prove an acquisition to those studying Navigation.”—Marine Engineer. “ Young Seamen will find it handy and useful, simple and clear.”— The Engineer. ***For complete List of Griffin's Nautical Series, see d. 39. LONDON: CHARLES GRIFFIN A GO., LIMITED, EXETER STREET, STRAND..