A Practical Manual On Sea Water Distillation
With A Description Of The Necessary Machinery For The Process

Forfatter: Frank Normandy

År: 1909

Forlag: Charles Griffen & Co., LTD.

Sted: London

Sider: 244

UDK: 663.6

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MULTIPLE DISTILLATION. 21/ and condenser casing, as such, substances might find their way into the feed regulator, and interfere with its proper action. Suction Pipe. 107. The suction pipe for the circulation pump, in a large apparatus, is of large bore, and very often is of considerable length, with many joints in it. It is important that such pipe should be sound, and not liable to leakage, as air drawn in at a faulty joint will cause an insufficient supply of circulation water, and the whole apparatus may be disorganised until the leaking joint has been discovered and made good. 108. A joint which has been found good after many years of use is shown in Fig. 24. It has the advantage of being non-rigid. GG are glands, S is a sleeve, RR rubber rings, all encircling pipe ends. (I/) THE FILTER. 109. The effect and construction of the filter have already been explained (p. 150). It should be placed between the distilling condenser and feed regulator, to deal with the distilled water as it passes from the former to the latter. (B) SPARE GEAR. 110. The spare gear usually includes—a set of fire-bars for the boiler, a set of heating surfaces (interchangeable) for each evaporator, the same for each heater, and a complete sheaf of condensing and cooling surfaces for the distilling condenser. Also spanners, &c. (i) CONNECTIONS. 111. The apparatus and boiler should include all fittings and connections between all the parts. It is also useful to